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Small business resources for domain names and web hosting with news, video, downloads, articles and tools for investing, mortgages, finance, foreign currency, Internet marketing, SEO, copywriting, sales, lead generation and web design.

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Dangerous Domain Name Mistakes That Don't Seem Dangerous
Until It's Too Late.

If you have little or no experience with marketing a website, then you'll probably make these domain name marketing mistakes.

Everybody knows how important your domain name is for your marketing, and a bad domain name can cost you traffic, search engine rankings and sales, but....

When You Click Here you'll discover how to pick domain names like a marketing pro.



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Our Website Resources

Here's a list of what we're currently using to build, maintain and promote our site. Bookmark us and check back often for updates and additions and don't miss out on some great resources in our Internet Business Resource Directory.

Marketing - B2B/Direct Response/Lead Generation

Get Perry Marshall's "Definitive Guide to Writing & Promoting White Papers"

Are you tired of struggling to attract new business, market your products and services to your current or potential clients without sounding like a door to door salesman? The problem is how can you educate them about your unique product or service, while satisfying their need for benefits and solutions.

How about a developing a White Paper? If you sell any kind of complex service, technology or sophisticated product, a White Paper is the best way to educate your customers about that technology.

You can use a white paper to build your credibility, get free exposure in the press, attract new customers, and drive new technology into change-resistant, conservative markets.

Perry Marshall thinks most white papers are either too technical (boring) or too commercial (thin and cheesy) – but Perry Marshall has written a guide that shows you how to strike the perfect balance.

But what's most important of all, though, is promoting and publicizing your white paper - because the best white paper in the world is no good unless somebody reads it!

Get Perry Marshall's "Definitive Guide to Writing & Promoting White Papers".


Get Perry Marshall's "Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People"…FREE

With the Perry Marshall Marketing System, Perry Marshall expertly details why most sales people spend all day dialing for dollars, chasing prospects who are mentally if not physically backing away from them, and they waste most of their time chasing deals instead of closing them. At the same time, most companies spend all kinds of money on advertising and don't get nearly enough bang for their buck.

Perry Marshall's "Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People" is an information-packed audio CD that discusses 21 principles that you can use to eliminate cold prospecting and wasted advertising dollars in today's fiercely competitive B2B marketplace.


Website Marketing Strategies

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

Google has a new system that makes it possible, for the first time in the history of the world, to deposit five bucks, write a couple of ads, and instantly get access to over 100 million people – in less than 10 minutes.

It's called Google AdWords and it's hot. In fact it may be the first and best thing to do to get traffic to your site.

One of the most revolutionary things about Adwords is that it gives you the ability to test your advertising campaigns in a way that weeds out the "tire kickers" from the real buyers. This kind of testing used to take weeks or months…Not anymore…Now you can find out if your ads are a red herring in a matter of days……..or even sooner.

But it's not always as easy as I just made it sound - AdWords has some nuances, and some people have a rough time at first.

Well my colleague Perry Marshall has written a very helpful e-course called "5 days to success with GoogleAdWords" and there's no charge for it.


Keyword Tools - The resource of the experts for "down and dirty" keyword analysis. If your serious about driving targeted traffic to your website with SEO and PPC advertising, then you'll have to subscribe to Wordtracker. The free tools are OK, but using them is like "keyword analysis with training wheels." There are a bunch of different subscription packages to choose from for any size budget. Get signed up NOW and start using the keyword tool that the PROS use...Wordtracker. - Another freebie- It also includes a meter for site popularity and link popularity. - Find out the common misspellings for search engine keywords and increase your traffic for PPC campaigns.

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Mortgages - Real Estate

Sub-Prime Market Collapse - Effect on Mortgages & Housing Market

Home Mortgage Refinancing Guidelines

How to Calculate Mortgage Payment Affordability

How to Figure Mortgage Refinance Costs

Free Downloads

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Free Download

Free Download of Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

Copywriting - Sales letters

How to Write Persuasive White Papers Using Perry Marshall's White Paper Guide

How To Generate Persuasive Sales Letters, Even If You've Never Written One Before

Domain Names - Web Hosting

Are You The Master Of Your Domain Name?

How to Make Money Buying Expired Domain Names and Get Expired Domain Name Traffic

What You Should Know About The New ICANN Transfer Policy Changes

Web Hosting Tutorial, Web Hosting Glossary, Types of Web Hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Top Ranked SEO Book - Search Engine Optimization E-Book Review

Why Should You Practice Search Engine Reputation Management?

Keyword Optimization Tips-Tools, Keyword Density Analyzer, Meta Tag Analyzer

Marketing - Internet Marketing

Lead Generation System - Avoid Chasing Clients And Make Them Call You Instead

Review of Perry Marshall Guide to Google Adwords by: Rick Contrata

Finance - Taxes

How to Get a Federal Tax ID Number and Fill Out The Form In 30 Minutes

How To Pick a Small Business Type

Small Business Tools

EZ Generator WYSIWIG Website Building & Editing Software Review

How To Use TerraFly Aerial Maps For Your Business

Cybercrime & Security Solutions

Free Identity Theft Protection - How to Get No Cost Identity Theft Protection

17 ID Theft Protection Best Practices - Your ID Theft Protection Checklist

Website Security Certification Seals - ControlScan Free Seal Trial Offer

Is PCI Compliance a Must? Website PCI Compliance, a New Standard

Stocks - Bonds

Stock News - Biggest Stock IPO Ever - World Bank of China IPO

Commodity Futures

CME - NYMEX Exchange Merger - Justice Has Anti-Competitive Clearing Concerns

Global Recession Fears - Are They Real Or Just More Media Hype?

Electronic Energy Market - ICE Global Electronic Energy Futures Market

CME Acquires CBOT for 11 Billion - Analysis of CME - CBOT Merger

Ethanol - Intro to Ethanol Fuels & Flexfuel Cars

How to Margin Commodity Futures

How to Margin Commodity Options

How to Hedge Risk With a Commodity Hedging Strategy

Electronic Trading News Video - Electronic Trading for Metal Futures

Electronic Futures Trading News - ICE, NYBOT Merger News Video

Merger Outlook for Domestic Commodity Futures & Stock Exchanges

CBOT CME Merger Deal Market Analysis - Commodity Futures Exchanges Consolidate

FOREX - Foreign Currency

Learn FOREX Foreign Currency Trading, Free FOREX Trading Mini-Course

Use our Free Online Foreign Currency Converter

FOREX Trading Online, Try Free FOREX Currency Trading Demo Accounts

FOREX Trading Part 1

FOREX Trading Part 2

FOREX Trading Part 3

Businesses for SALE

Internet Business Franchise Opportunity - Internet Business Consulting Franchise for Sale

Streaming Online Video Newsfeed

Top News Stories

Renewable Edge USA Green Energy Business Development & Consulting

Online Webmaster Newsletter & Tools

Solution Graphics

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