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How To Generate Persuasive Sales Letters

How To Generate Persuasive Sales Letters, Even If You've Never Written One Before!

Date: 09/23/04
From: Rick Contrata

If you could dramatically increase your sales force and improve your conversion rate with a persuasive sales letter, how much money could you make?

What if you could create your own army of sales people? Troops than can go into the trenches and give a powerful sales presentation. What if they could tantalize your prospects interests, agitate their emotions, establish rapport, develop trust and credibility, present your USP, interest them with benefits and close the deal with an all-out call to action.

One of the casualties of the dot com crash was the "easy sell." Web designers and Internet consultants were in short supply and you literally had people knockin' down your door to get their businesses online. You could pile on outrageous fees to boot. What a difference a "crash" makes. Today…you actually have to "sell" your services just like every other business…It's back to the drawing board of time-tested marketing....Who knew?...and by the way, it's the same saga for most businesses, on and offline…..So now what?..

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Consumers are so inundated with advertising media that they've become almost numb to anything unless it's unbelievably unique or it stirs their primal needs like a 2x4 to the head. It's hard enough just keeping your media away from the jaws of the shredder, nowadays, you really need to pull a rabbit out of your hat today if you expect to get your sales letter read.

I can feel that panicky look on your face already. Your thinking uh oh, he's gonna tell me I've gotta write a sales letter. That little voice in your head is saying, "I can't write, I can't spell, I don't know anything about copywriting, excuse #4, excuse #5" etc…..You "do" have another option. Pay a copywriter up to $350 an hour and they'll write one for you. Ouch!....That's gonna leave a mark. You ready to cut out the drama audition? Then let's get back to writing your own sales letter. You can do this; you'll be able to automate it too, read on….

AIDA has long been used as the standard "template" for a great sales letter. The acronym stands for Attention…Interest…Desire…Action. I've been using a formula that draws on the time-tested success of AIDA plus a couple of added points of salesmanship. The formula I use is "TACTIC." Here's the deal.

Before you put any words to paper know this...

The success of your sales letter is often decided before you write a word. Heck, what I'm about to tell you is more important than the product itself. Priority #1 is immersing yourself in your prospect's environment, economical status, needs, wants and desires.

What keeps them up at night, what makes them happy, sad, frustrated and excited, what are the current trends they follow, do they have a different language (slang), do they have money to spend....If you research your target market, then you can use "TACTIC." Target your market's depth, not its width. Example: Running a sales letter targeted for moose hunters from Maine in USA Today because of its large circulation is a big fat no no..


Tantalize-Your prospect's attention with a "killer" Headline. Your headline is your "ad for the ad." It should contain anything that's needed to simply explain what benefits your product or service can offer and draw your prospect into reading the rest of your letter.

How do you do it? Appeal to the reader's hard-core self interests by promising a specific benefit. People are only interested in 'what's in it for them." Make sure the headline can be easily understood. It should always contain enough information to explain the core benefits without having to read the whole letter.

Agitate-Draw from your headline's ability to rivet your prospects attention and keep em' reading your copy. Whatever type of headline you use; your next few sentences must grab them by the throat and lead them into a hyper-emotional state that you began to create with your headline.

On the negative side it could be guilt, anger, resentment, fear or embarrassment. For a letter designed to elicit positive emotions, you'll need to tap into their inner-most desires to be popular, be attractive to the opposite sex, feel healthy and secure, or acquire wealth and financial independence.

In both cases you want them nodding their heads in agreement with what you have to say. Decisions are made by emotions and justified with logic afterwards. Draw them into a highly emotional state, but prepare them for the next step in the sales process.

Co-opt-This is where you build rapport with your reader. We are all more apt to listen to people who think, act and talk the way that we do. Show them you understand what their problems are by rolling around with them in their emotional state and let them know that you "feel their pain."

If you've researched your market, then now's the time to show your reader you've "walked in their shoes." If you want to build rapport and "be like them," you're gonna have to speak the way they speak. In other words, don't say "I need new sticks" to a skier, "sticks" is a golf term. They'll know you're a fake faster than you can run from a nest full of hornets.

Trust-Rapport puts your message in your prospect's mind on their emotional level, but nothing builds trust and credibility more than a USP and a list of testimonials from satisfied customers. Your USP must satisfy their "Reason Why" objections.

It should answer the following questions from your prospect: The reason why I should get what you're offering above all others, the reason why I should believe what you say, the reason why I should do anything about what you're offering and the reason why I should act now.

Testimonials satisfy our psychological need for "social proof" We are all a little like sheep, we need the approval of others before we make decisions and even the recommendation of a total stranger can carry weight. How many times have you made a purchase of a product or service solely on the recommendation of a friend or relative? We do it all the time. So will your prospects. Load up on the testimonials and grease the skids for the next step…

Interest-Benefits, benefits, benefits….Another sales dummy 101 mistake most companies make is talking about features over benefits. Your benefits are derived from your USP. You could have the niftiest product in the world, if you don't speak of it in terms of the benefits it provides, your message will fall on deaf ears. List as many benefits as you need to educate your prospect and answer their all objections. Using bullets is the best way to do this. Don't forget to use blind bullets (offer the hint of a benefit without actually saying what it is).

Closure-Never underestimate the power you have just by telling people what you want them to do. People will do what you say unless they have a compelling reason not to. If you've gotten their emotions stirred up about the benefits and answered all their objections for not going forward, then you close with a powerful call to action.

Make it simple, convenient and allow them to have a few different options. Provide an 800 number and a fax number. For a website add a text link or a button that clearly sez Click Here To Order! or Buy Now! and transport them to your shopping cart. For higher ticket items give payment options. Make the process quick, easy and understandable.

I'm still amazed at how many businesses never actually tell you what they want the prospect to do. If you have a guarantee (and you should), explain the details of the guarantee. Finally, now's the time to add valuable bonuses to your outstanding list of benefits.

We love to know we are getting outstanding value for our money. You can increase response rates and tap into even more hot-buttons by also offering bonuses. You don't even have to state what the bonus is; just make sure it is of value to your prospect. There it is, all laid out for ya

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