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Internet Franchise - Internet Business Consulting Franchise 4 Sale

Does your current financial situation have you leading a life of quiet desperation? Are you still just dreaming about being your own boss?

Just think, instead of worrying about which uncomfortable suit or dress you'll have to wear and fighting the local commuter traffic… Wondering how you're going to find financial freedom, put up with another monotonous day dealing with overpaid egotistical bosses and cut throat employees, you'll be able to do this.

Wake up and grab yourself a cup of coffee, catch the morning news and turn on your PC. You're at work without a commute, you're comfortable and you've set your own hours. You have more control over using your strengths and how much more money you can make. Don't you think that's a better work environment than what you're used to? Of course it is. That's the difference of entrepreneurship.

Now, there's an Internet Business Franchise available that might be perfect for you. Here are some details.

  • #1 Internet Franchise (From a leading publication)
  • #1 Technology Franchise (From a leading publication)
  • The base price of this franchise has risen 25% in the past two years.
  • You can run it from home with a computer and high-speed internet access.
  • You can save thousands off the Franchisor price and get special bonuses too.
  • No experience necessary and $10,000 worth of training for two people is included.
  • This business can operate out of any State the country.
  • Attractively priced at $44,700.00 ...A Savings of almost 23%

Let's be realistic though. Owning your own business isn't for everyone. Are you a lazy opportunist who jumps at any get rich quick scheme that promises success and quickly moves on to the next big thing that comes along? Or do you think like an entrepreneur? The entrepreneur knows that a successful business needs two ingredients… It should play into your strengths, whatever they are and be fueled by your desire and dedication to work hard. If you understand this, then read more about this Internet business franchise opportunity.

The business of this Internet franchise is to tap into the development of Internet based marketing, e-commerce, education and cost savings solutions to small and medium sized businesses. The franchisee (you) provides a consulting and business solutions role by providing these benefits in the form of an expert.

Why would they need your services? Because even some of the world's largest corporations are woefully inadequate at marketing and promoting their businesses online. Especially when using limited experience of company employees or outsourcing the work to artsy web design companies that know little about marketing. Nokia and Motorola aren't on the first page in Google for "cell phone," IBM isn't on the first page for "web server." Small and medium sized companies that don't have the benefits of branding are even more desperate for exposure.

Without a successful web presence, smaller companies are closed out on a huge marketing, communication or cost cutting channel (The Internet). That means lost sales, increased costs and other leaks in business growth potential. Even if they know this or have a website already, they still have a huge problem with integrating their business to the web.

When the business owner tries to take on the role of web consultant, promoter and marketer from a position of total inexperience, the results are either disastrous or extremely frustrating at best. Even businesses that are successful offline are having trouble duplicating their offline performance on the Internet. This creates an enormous opportunity for you.

By assuming an "Internet Business Consulting" role, the franchisee has the training, the know-how and the proper tools to develop and promote businesses online. After formulating the business plan, marketing or cost cutting solution, the franchisee passes the site development to the franchisors production centers for the actual website design. You don't need any knowledge of coding or web design. Your role is Internet business consulting, not web design. The franchisor also provides hosting facilities, access to numerous third party business resources, a full support staff, your own website, company email address and more.

How Can You Make Money?

Income is generated from a variety of sources. The franchisee can choose to focus on whatever area of the business they desire and or highlights their strengths. Here are just a few sources of income.

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Web copy writing/ Sales letters
  • Graphic/Logo Design
  • Business solutions
  • Marketing Plans
  • Traffic generating systems
  • Analytics/Conversion tracking
  • Pay per click Advertising
  • Hosting
  • Education
  • Web Design
  • Product development

How Are Sales Generated?

Sales leads can be generated from a variety of sources. Below, you'll find some of the more common channels for lead generation. Sources for sales are only limited by your imagination.

  • Referrals
  • Lead generation systems
  • Lead outsourcing companies/Paid leads
  • Networking
  • Ebay ads
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Viral/Word of mouth marketing
  • Post cards/Business cards
  • Cable/TV advertising
  • Chamber of Commerce and other business networks
  • Email lists
  • 1 800 numbers
  • Yellow Page ads
  • Website links and banner advertising

Why buy this established franchise from this owner?

Because you'll get every single benefit of buying from the franchisor plus: You'll save thousands and pay less than what everyone else has to pay for the same business, technology, systems and support. It includes a week of intense in-house training valued at $10,000.

The Franchisor has a successful and documented track record of training owners from a wide range of careers and backgrounds. Plus you'll get special bonuses that are only available through this Franchisee…

  • "Insider Tip" How to prove you're and expert, even if you're starting from scratch.
  • $400 in marketing materials.
  • An additional 2 years added to the standard 5 year license
  • An additional 8 hours of training which includes "insider" secrets on SEO copywriting, how to get targeted web traffic and converting that traffic into sales.
  • A copy of the Franchisee's "bag of tricks." This is a custom made CD with thousands of dollars worth of free reports, tools, audio recordings, PDF's and "must-have" links for successfully marketing this business.

Why has the franchisee decided to let this franchise go?

It's simply because of this. Due to the relationships developed with his clients while running this business, the franchisee has taken a minority ownership in two client businesses and is no longer accepting new clients. This could happen to you too.

To set up a private appointment where you can simply find out much more information than you found here, just CLICK HERE NOW and fill out the form. Please fill in all required information, including a phone # where you can be contacted. Please include the code word "franchise" in the "your message" box.

Rick Contrata

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