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Perry Marshall's Google Adwords - Perry Marshall Adwords Review

If you could spend $10 a day for marketing using a Google Adwords campaign and bring in $100 a day in sales, how many days would you do it?

As you know, online Internet sales, Google Adwords and the Perry Marshall Definitive Guide to Google Adwords have become synonymous. Perry Marshall has smartly positioned himself as one of the world class players in this PPC medium. He's got the record to prove it and we've evaluated his PPC marketing system in this review.

"Not knowing what I was doing, I was about to spend $300 a day on Google ads just to test them, but then stopped myself and read your book first. "Actually, I only skimmed it. Now I'm spending ONE DOLLAR a day and seeing sales. I'm now reading all of your book and it is a masterpiece. "You didn't ask for this endorsement, but I'm giving it anyway. Thank you for saving my butt. You're a genius."   -Joe Vitale, President - Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.

If you would like to cut to the chase and dig right into how to generate more traffic and sales with Google Adwords right now ...and get an "Adwords Cheat Sheet," Then Click Here to get this Free 5 Day Google Adwords Course.

Our review of Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords will include an outline of some reasons why PPC could be right for you and why Google is the preferred PPC search engine. Then we'll roll into some functionality and methods for PPC with references to Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords. When you read this review, you'll also find within it some hidden analysis of PPC features, benefits and pitfalls.

If you're a *rookie* and don't know much about Google Adwords or if you're a little familiar with it, but haven't actually gone through the mechanics of putting an actual campaign up. No problem, but we strongly suggest do yourself and your wallet a favor right now and get ahold of Perry Marshall's Free 5 day Adwords course here. Then come back and read our review.

Perry Marshall & Google Adwords…The good, the learning curve and the ugly

Google Adwords…The good

Anybody can play - It's quick, easy and inexpensive to get started and it levels the playing field because, having a big advertising budget doesn't guarantee you a #1 rank.

PPC is here, it's a hyper-effective marketing medium and it's not going away - You can generate targeted traffic in minutes, you only advertise to people who are interested in your product and you don't incur any advertising expenses until they respond.

Adaptable to the most important aspect of direct response advertising…Testing - Success in any direct response marketing campaign occurs after testing your campaign by calculating conversions and ROI. Google Adwords gives you the hard data you need to test success in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

Rewards you for targeted market research and detailed keyword analysis - If you take the time to do detailed market research and keyword analysis, then you can uncover untapped markets and possibly dominate the crowded ones…very quickly.

Adsense - Originally Adsense made people kind of shaky because it gave visitors the option of leaving your site. The same was said about reciprocal links, but everybody now knows that 95% or more of your visitors won't convert to sales anyway. Themed reciprocal links allow someone else's almost customer to possibly become "your" customer.

Adsense plays the same role, except that "you" make money if someone decides to leave your site via Adsense ads. Obviously, you should at least test Adsense on your site and decide if it's right for your market. Later on, we'll give you a free tip on the best place to put Adsense ads on your website and why.

Google Adwords…The learning curve

Easy and successful can be two different animals - Adwords campaigns are quick and easy to start and run, but obviously success is measured by CTR and sales conversion. Even a high CTR can leave you frustrated because of low conversion rates. In other words, you're not making any money. Adwords is just one part of the sales process.

The web pages that contain your offer must ultimately do the job of selling your goods or services. A successful Adwords campaign won't fix poor website design, lousy web copy or sending people to pages of your website that aren't directly providing the benefits that your target market is seeking based on your Adwords ad.

You'll need to understand how direct response marketing works - After locating your target market, you'll need to know how to motivate them to take action. That means learning how to write good headlines and direct response classified ads. If you think you could take a weekend seminar or plow through a couple of at home copywriting courses to get where you need to be to write effective web copy…forget it!

The psychology of losing "your money" - Develop the mindset of a good stock or commodity trader by maximizing gains and limiting losses. Set goals for ROI and budget for your PPC expenses. This will help you avoid bailing out of winning campaigns too early or chasing a market that won't convert to sales.

The good doesn't always last forever - Plan on coping with savvy competitors and rising bid prices. The bid price market is driven by the supply and demand of keywords. Once a keyword or keyword phrase is seen to generate traffic and sales, it's unlikely that the bid prices will go down. The only way we can see bid prices falling is if the market for the underlying product or service dries up.

Google decides whether you can stay in the game - It's not like the stock market. Google won't let you stick with a bad ad like you would a bad stock. Your campaign has to maintain a CTR of .05% to stay in the game. Look at the bright side, they take the emotion out of trying to stay with a losing ad.

Google Adwords…The Ugly

Read the rest of this review and we'll tell you about the ugly side of PPC.

Perry Marshall Google Adwords Tip #1

Keyword Analysis - After the Madison Avenue debacle that imploded with the crash of the dot coms, it became clear that for many online businesses, to be successful online you need to practice direct response advertising instead of using the branding method. Satisfying markets that have an itch to scratch comes before any kind of product development or branding.

Perry Marshall, an experienced direct marketer, stresses the direct response business model in his Google Adwords definitive guide. One of the amazing aspects of Google Adwords is that if you uncover your target market and perform detailed keyword analysis, you only advertise to "interested" clients.

Consumers find many different uses for products and services and they look for what they want based on their own ideas and assumptions. You need to understand how people search on the web.

Web surfers use the Internet much differently than they use other resources like the yellow pages to find products and services. Yellow page ads restrict clients to specific categories. An online search is kind of like a free-for-all. Search engines give consumers the freedom to use whatever search terms they feel are related to solving their problems. This creates both a revenue generating opportunity and the tricky task of keyword analysis. To begin your campaign, start "farming" for keywords. Here's where you go...

You can use Googles search term suggestion tool, it's free, but it doesn't give the accurate results that you'll get from Wordtracker. Wordtracker requires that you pay for its service, but it's proven to be more effective and you can even get an account for a day if you like.

We also recommend trying the keyword tools and resources at NicheBOT.com. NicheBOT.com is like a search engine for keyword searches. My colleague Jim Morris at NicheBOT.com will have you addicted to this site in a New York minute.

On page 45 of Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords you will be taken inside the mind of a direct response marketer and witness the building of a real-life Google Adwords campaign using the keyword tips and tools we just mentioned.

When you have the opportunity to see how the keyword farming is done and how some of the tools are used, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of where and how to get started.

Perry Marshall Google Adwords Tip #2

Keyword Analysis Part 2 - Everybody knows that generating the right keywords is probably the most important part of a successful PPC campaign. If you're generating a keyword list in the hundreds, you're probably leaving a lot of traffic out there for your competitors. An effective campaign can have upwards of 10,000 keywords or more, but how can you tell when you have enough keywords for a campaign?

On page 67 Perry Marshall shows how he uses the "peel and stick" method. It's a great way to find a home for valuable keywords in your Adwords campaigns even if they're not converting into clicks or sales.

Perry Marshall Google Adwords Tip #3

Use these tools to qualify your clicks - In a perfect marketing world you would only want to advertise to the most interested clients, eliminate the tire kickers and convert on all of your advertising. Of course we're talking about fantasy instead of reality, sort of like the Disneyland of marketing. Google can get you closer to those perfect customers with a few keyword goodies. They're called broad, phrase and exact matching and negative keywords.

Here's a quick look at how these features can save you money and improve your CTR.

First, we'll tell you about negative keywords. Let's say you sell bird houses. If a person punches in a search term which includes the word houses, your ad could show up. If you're selling bird houses, you surely aren't going to find many interested clients with the following search queries. Dog houses, frat houses, half-way houses etc.

On page 76 of Perry Marshall's Google Adwords Guide you'll learn how using negative keywords will eliminate your ads appearing for searches not related to your content. On page 43 you'll discover how broad, phrase and exact matching can turn a losing campaign into a winner. Again and again, these seemingly minor points can have a huge impact on your success rate and your budget.

Perry Marshall Google Adwords Tip #4

Don't fumble the ball on the one yard line - Everybody has experienced this scenario at one time or another. You see a juicy headline in a magazine or a newspaper and after fumbling through the pages you see the article, only to find out it's got little to do with the headline that grabbed your attention. Frustrating isn't it? Well, that's the same way your customers will feel after that nifty Adwords ad enticed them to click through to your site, only to find an unrelated web page.

Having a killer Google Adwords ad pointing to a website that's not closely related to your ad or a page with lousy ad copy is like having a thoroughbred racehorse with a broken leg. It's basically useless for what it was intended for. Even having the traffic driven to your home page instead of your sales or information page is a recipe for disaster. You might get one click out of your potential client before they're off to another website to get what they were after. Remember, fumbling the ball at the one means you get nothing for your efforts.

Perry Marshall Google Adwords Tip #5

Testing can save you money, time and frustration - On page 82 of Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords, Perry Marshall shows how to test the market for a product. That's right…Google Adwords can help you test the marketability of a product or service before you go through the heartbreaking process of developing something that you thought was a great idea and then plunking down ton of money only to find out that there was only 28 people on the planet that would be interested enough to buy it.

The ugly side of Google Adwords

So what could be ugly about an advertising medium like Google Adwords, which gives almost anybody the ability to possibly, inexpensively test and market products by driving targeted traffic to a website in literally minutes? CLICK FRAUD!...

Click fraud is an illegal act where by individuals or companies click on the pay per click ads of their competitors to deplete the competition's advertising budget. Adsense click fraud takes place when companies or individuals click on their own ads to increase the payout received for Adsense or banner advertising.

Click Fraud is the underground pick pocket of the pay per click world. Victims of click fraud can agonizingly see their advertising dollars being siphoned off into cyberspace in a matter of hours. Click fraud can be performed manually or by sophisticated software or even web crawling bots that are automated to click on ads almost undetected.

We wouldn't feel comfortable telling you the finer points of Google Adwords and pay per click advertising without pointing out the ugly side. Like many other things in life and business, there are dark sides and pitfalls. Knowing where and why things can go bad is all part of smart business planning.

Understanding the nuances of click fraud and how to protect your business from becoming a victim can't be dealt with in just a few paragraphs, but we can tell you where you can get the definitive guide to click fraud and how to shield yourself from it….

Click Fraud White Paper and Solutions Guide

My good friend and colleague, the famed Michael Bloch of TamingTheBeast.net has written what is considered to be one of the foremost references on click fraud. It's an easy to read white paper on this dicey subject. Anyone who doesn't take the time to read it can't really consider themselves serious about PPC advertising for two reasons. First, it covers what every pay per click advertiser needs to know about click fraud and second…It's FREE…you can get a copy of it right now. Just click here to get your Free Click Fraud White Paper right now.

Conclusion: Perry Marshall's Google Adwords Guide

Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords is a serious marketer's reference to PPC advertising using Google Adwords. Many of the guide's processes can be used on any PPC search engine, but provides loads of information specifically useful for Google Adwords.

You could spend a heck of a lot more money on a steak dinner for two than it costs to own Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Google Adwords. Plus, that steak dinner will never get any traffic to your website or put any money in your pocket. Just think of all the steak dinners you could buy with the money you could make using your new expertise in PPC advertising and market your website with a Google Adwords campaign that really works.

PS…Here's the tip we promised about the best place to position your Adsense ads on your web pages for maximum exposure. BTW, this has been tested and after you read this, it will reveal to you that it's just common Adsense.

Eye tracking analysis of web surfers has proven that people start scanning web pages from the top left hand corner and scan lines of text by reading what interests them from left to right. The same way you read a book, a magazine, a letter etc. Place your Adsense ads horizontally in the upper left hand corner of your web pages...Any questions?

PPS…Please remember that PPC is just one channel in the Internet marketing network. Don't neglect other areas of your marketing, like email, banner ads, classified ads, TV, radio, postcards and organic search engine rankings.

YES, I want Perry Marshall's Free e-course..."5 days to success with Google Adwords." Click Here to get started today.

Are your lousy traffic stats tempting you to get rid of that hit counter on your site? Are you already getting plenty of visitors, but your CTR and sales are still on "life support"? You've made amateur attempts at solving your traffic and sales problems, but you really need the experience of a pro to do it right. When you get Perry Marshall's Google Adwords Guide you'll know all the tips and tricks to turn that money pit of a website into a real business. Get the Free e-course now, your competitors probably have it already.

"I spent 10 minutes with it the day I got it and did one tweak that increased my CTR by over 25%. It's well written, brief, and filled with actionable suggestions."...   Howard Jacobson "Leads Into Gold" Ewing, NJ

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