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Electronic Futures Trading News - ICE Intercontinental Exchange NYBOT Merger Update

Electronic Commodity Futures Trading News - Is The Intercontinental Exchange, aka ICE, seeking to expand outside the energy markets? Are they interested in agricultural/financial products traded via open-outcry and obtaining a domestic clearing operation with a NYBOT merger?

ICE, the Intercontinental Exchange, is the leading electronic trading energy marketplace. The NYBOT plans to offer electronic trading on its expanding niche agricultural and financial futures contracts. The NYBOT has a lucrative clearing operation. Ice clears its trades through others.

ICE has a proprietary electronic trading platform. To trade electronic futures, the NYBOT needs to build its own in-house system or license a platform from a third party vendor.

For ELF™ (Electronic Futures), it's not if or even when, but who. Who will capture the lion's share of the trading volume? Watch this short video clip below for more details.

BLOOM (BLOOM), National
Fri 15 Sep 2006 06:57 AM EDT
Will ICE Intercontinental Exchange expand its electronic energy markets to include open-outcry via the NYBOT agricultural and financial futures markets?

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Rick Contrata

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