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Ethanol - Video Intro to Ethanol, Ethanol Fuel Products & Flexfuel

Ethanol, ethanol fuel products and flexfuel cars seem to be the logical choice as a renewable energy source in a world that's running short on fossil fuels every day. With the enormous economic expansion and industrialization of China, the former Soviet Union and a finite petroleum supply, the US must take the lead and push for the development of ethanol and flexfuel cars.

This page contains a very informative ethanol video presentation by Vinod Khosla, a Silicon Valley billionaire on the huge potential that ethanol can play as an economical and environmental renewable energy source. We've included some definitions and quick facts about ethanol and flexfuel.

Ethanol - Made by converting the carbohydrate portion of biomass (agricultural raw materials like corn) into sugar, which is then converted into ethanol in a fermentation process similar to brewing beer. Ethanol is the most widely used biofuel today.

Flexfuel Cars - (from Wikipedia) Flexfuel is a technology that allows a vehicle to use two or more kinds of fuel. Cars that take any combination of petrol and alcohol in the same tank are the most popular. (They have a small tank of pure gasoline for cold weather starting.) Newer models can use alcohol, petrol and natural gas.

Ethanol costs about a dollar a gallon to produce as opposed to gasoline which costs $1.60 a gallon. Burning ethanol reduces GHG (green house gases) by 60 to 80%. There are almost as many flexfuel vehicles on the road today as diesel powered vehicles. VW is planning to phase out gasoline vehicles by 2006.

Ethanol Video Presentation


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