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How to Write Whitepapers Using the Perry Marshall White Paper Guide

Are you looking for another way to generate new customers and add another source for potential sales?

Have you ever thought about doing this using your specialized knowledge, expertise or creativity?

Are you the type of person that recognizes all it may take to do it is finding a resource with useful information to guide you in the right direction? Did you answer yes to any one of the above questions?

Then you should start using whitepapers to promote your business. Right now, you'll get a quick tutorial on how to write a whitepaper using Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting Your Whitepaper.

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I've written a one page whitepaper using just a few of the principles from Perry Marshall's white paper guide that you can read right here.

First, let's talk about one thing a white paper isn't. A whitepaper isn't a sales letter... Now that little voice inside your head is probably saying, "If my objective is to generate more sales and I'm using a white paper to do that, how can it not be a sales letter?"

Because, for many goods and services, if your white paper reads or sounds like a sales letter, it won't get read let alone generate any revenue. Whitepapers work better if used to market products and services via lead generation than a direct sale.

So… what's my one page whitepaper about? I'm going to tell you what most marketers either don't know or don't believe about the sales process. Let's get started by learning about…

The 5 Point Sale Projection Checklist

The salesperson's 5 point *idiot proof sale projection checklist* - How to save time, money and energy by discovering if you have any chance of separating window shoppers from their money and closing the sale… every time.

Below, you'll discover the 5 conditions that must exist before any sale is ever made. No deal is ever closed without all 5 of these conditions. It doesn't matter if it's a pack of gum, or a $2,000,000 piece of high-tech machinery. Now, some of these conditions might have a larger degree of importance than the others, but they all constitute the process of every single sale. Let's get started…

1. Does your prospect have the money or the budget for your product or service? Nothing can be clearer than this red flag. No money or no budget means no sale.

2. Does your prospect buy into your USP or your benefit statement? If you can't woo them with your benefit statement, then they aren't buying, at least not from you.

3. Does your prospect have a sense of urgency? Urgency separates the tire-kickers from the people who will empty their wallets to fix their problems right now.

4. Is your prospect the decision maker? If not, then you are merely in the sales process. If your potential client isn't the person writing the check, you need to make the check writer your audience immediately. Any other person is just the window shopping sales buffer.

5. Does your product or service fit into their overall business plan? It's a losing battle to try and create demand for your product or service by trying to convince anyone to fix anything if they don't feel it's already broken. But they will empty their wallets once they know a problem exists.

This is the part where you fire up your inner sales detective Your first case Mr./Mrs. salesperson, if you choose to accept it, is to investigate what your potential clients already know. In other words, what are their problems? Next, have the prospect believe your product or service is the only real solution to their dilemma and that they've made that decision themselves.

March everyone through this checklist. Then, be polite and be remorseless, but ditch them without guilt if they don't qualify on all 5 points. Otherwise, they will sap your financial resources, your time and your energy and make it harder for you to find the buried treasure.

There ya go... What I just did was give you some valuable information using a one page white paper. Information you probably never knew before. I didn't try to sell you anything and it wasn't a 20 page thesis. All I did was give you some good solid information about the sales process. What you will probably want to do next is find out more about how to write white papers using Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting Your Whitepaper.

You can do this in less than a minute when you sign up for Perry's Free 5 day mini course; "Attract More Customers With White Papers." It's loaded with a lot more information than you got here. Take a look at what else you'll learn.

Day 1 - You already know a whitepaper isn't a sales letter, find out at least five other things a white paper isn't. Plus, discover the core principal of what your white paper should do.

Day 2 - Discover the secret of the "Buy Now, Sell Later" concept. I use it all the time. Now Perry Marshall calls it something different, but it's the same, little used marketing principal that makes a white paper successful. It will immediately make you stand out and position you differently in your prospect's eyes.

Day 3 - Learn what the most important part of your white paper is and how you can easily test its chances of being successful.

Day 4 - Find out the driving force behind every buying decision and why the people who are currently writing your marketing material should be writing instruction manuals instead.

Day 5 - Do you know six ways you can promote your whitepaper? One way is to email it to your customer list. Find out 5 more ways when you get Perry Marshall's Free 5 day mini course: "Attract More Customers with Whitepapers."

If I have opened your mind about whitepapers with all this free information, imagine what you'll discover when you get your free mini course and your own copy of Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Whitepaper. Again, it's packed with loads of information and tips that can separate your white paper and your marketing from the rest of the advertising crowd. The ones that still think it's a sales later.

Here's one more tip that you'll find in the guide. "The 43 different things you can call a whitepaper." Things like - A free report, a buyers guide, a presentation, a pocket guide, a project lifecycle tool or a comparison chart. These are just a few useful nuggets on a single subject; imagine the advantage you'll have after you've applied just a few of the many the resources from the guide to your marketing.

YES, I want Perry Marshall's Free e-course..."Attract More Customers with Whitepapers" Click Here to get started today.

Are you still skeptical? I was too, until I found out that Perry Marshall's guide isn't just for small businesses. Did you know it's used by the U.S. Navy and three different divisions of IBM? Now, you can increase your customer base, slash your marketing costs, and outsell your competition by delivering problem-solving whitepapers to your customers and prospects. And you don’t have to slave over this for weeks or months. Your whitepaper can be finished, published, and bringing new clients to your email box by this time tomorrow.

"This package is well worth the investment if you do almost anything it explains."...   Rob Northrup, Co-Founder, Advanced Extrusion Solutions, Norcross, GA

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By: Rick Contrata

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