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Top Ranked SEO Book - Search Engine Optimization E-Book Review

Back in 2004 when everyone was jumping in on the PPC bandwagon, I chose to go the search engine optimization (SEO) route. The decision was mostly economic (I couldn't afford a PPC campaign), but I'm glad I did and I'll tell you why in a minute, but…

I have a quick story to tell you first. In the latter part of 2004 and after I had cut my teeth in SEO, I was on the verge of signing a pretty big client. The site had a great product, but the website was directionless, poorly optimized for the search engines and albeit invisible online.

The day of the contract signing, after being embarrassingly exposed to ripping off this client, the previous designer threw a major hissy fit. His ammunition of choice was a tirade about the perils of (SEO). In reality, his problem was that he nada about optimizing pages for the search engines and now he had to actually to do some work instead of collecting a monthly check for doing nothing.

The ensuing firestorm resulted in the client staying with his previous designer. The experience was a silver lining for me though.

I ceased doing customer business and focused my attention on launching and optimizing my own websites.

Today, the websites that the other designer was webmastering for are part of the cyber "graveyard" of low traffic businesses, while I enjoy 10's of thousands of free search engine visitors every month.

PPC can be part of your traffic funnel, but it costs money. The secret to longevity online is organic SEO.

The SEO Book video review below will outline some of the main passages of Aaron Wall's search engine optimization e-book. It's the industry standard for SEO and has been for some time.

There is a boatload of information for the newbie in this book, along with many advanced strategies and marketing ideas.

Can you find a lot of this information online? Yep, you sure can. But you'll never find anything close to what's in this book in one place or in any single book. The time you'll waste researching what's in this SEO book far outweighs its price tag.

Beside's do you really know where to look for the stuff that really works in the first place?

You don't get endorsements from a professor at the Wharton Business School or a New York Times best selling author Seth Godin for just a bunch of strategies. Aaron Wall's SEO Book is the real deal.

--Rick Contrata

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