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TerraFly Free Aerial Photo Maps

TerraFly Aerial Map Tutorial

TerraFly free aerial view photo maps are compiled from a database of digital satellite images of the entire USA. How can TerraFly aerial photo maps be useful as a small business resource? We think they are and that's why we've added it to devNIC's small business toolbox. We'll tell you how it can be useful for small businesses in a minute, but first, let's talk more about what TerraFly is and what it does.

After you click on the logo below and access the TerraFly home page, the images database allows a user to type in an address and gain an aerial view of the specified location. Before you react with a "so what?" take into account the fact that you'll also have the ability to move around and view the area just like you were in a low flying plane or a helicopter. Sounds cool, right?.....It is. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the controls.

What do I do after I get to TerraFly? - Enter the street address, city and state or the zip code of the location you want an aerial view of, and then click the FLY NOW! icon.

How do I move around? - Be patient as the image loads. Once you see the map, you can put yourself in motion by left clicking your mouse in the area of the direction you want to move, just like you were in a plane. Click the left side and you'll move west. Click the right side and you'll move east and so on.

How do I stop it from moving? - Just left click the mouse again and you'll freeze the location.

Can I get closer to the ground? - Yep…Just click on the Zoom In scale at the top of the page. Click to the left to zoom in, to the right to zoom out.

How close to the ground can I get? - In my most recent TerraFlight, I was able see the pitchers mound at a local ball field, pick out my house on my street and also see cars on a nearby thruway.

What do the Mark and Dispense icons mean? - Clicking on the Mark icon activates a feature that allows you to get a resizable window of a specific area of the map. Just left click your mouse at the center point of the area you want, make the window the size that you want and then click the Dispense icon to get data on the area within the red square you created.

What's the deal with the Browse, Advanced and FAQ icons? - Browse gives you a list of most visited cities. Advanced lets you request specific location data like longitude and latitude. FAQ is a list of more technical questions like how to buy images and how to sign up for the paid subscription services.

TerraFly as a small business resource

Everybody thinks geography is boring. Not with TerraFly. What's wrong with having a little fun while learning and gathering data, especially when it's free? Now that we've told you how to use TerraFly, we're going tell you how it's also useful as a small business resource. After requesting a destination to begin your flight, a quick reference page loads and remains active in the background behind the aerial map.

On that reference page you can get free population and demographics information for marketing, just by clicking on the word EXAMPLE. There's all kinds of data available about the location. Here's a short list of the information.

Facilities - Hotels, businesses, schools, airports and hub cities.

People - Census data on towns, counties, metropolitan areas and congressional districts.

Environment - Weather stations, river gauges and rainfall data.

There's plenty of data for all kinds of business uses to plough through. Don't just walk, fly over to TerraFly now and take advantage of it while it's still a free service…

Just Click on the TerraFly logo


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